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A Broken-Tears.org Fansite

October 10, 2007   •  Category: The Family1 Comment

Nearly all the pieces of Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe’s divorce are in order. Except, that is, for the divorce itself.

The former golden couple’s union was officially terminated last Friday, with the Los Angeles Superior Court reinstating the camera-ready twosome’s right to remarry. (View the court documents.)

Though the dissolution of marriage has been formalized, signed off on by none other than Court Commissioner Scott M. Gordon, who’s currently preocuppied with Britney Spears’ legal woes, the court still must finalize the divorce, as financial and custody arrangements over their children—daughter Ava, 8, and son Deacon, 3—have yet to be hammered out.

Last May, Phillippe filed a legal response to Witherspoon’s divorce petition, seconding her motion for joint legal custody of the two kids, but requesting joint physical custody as well. In her original filing last November, the Oscar winner sought primary custody.

While a custody deal has yet to be resolved, the erstwhile couple seems to be on more of a similar wavelength in terms of postnuptial financial arrangements.

In his May filing, the 33-year-old Phillippe opted not to seek any spousal support from his significant (and significantly higher-earning) other. The couple tied the knot in 1999, before either of them were household names or in need of a prenup, thereby entitling Phillippe to theoretically seek 50 percent of his former missus’ earnings.

And while the actors are now free to remarry, it doesn’t seem like wedding bells will be ringing for either party for quite some time.

Witherspoon has been tenuously linked with her Rendition costar Jake Gyllenhaal for several months, though she has barely confirmed his status as a costar, let alone addressed the nature of their relationship.

Phillippe, for his part, has been photographed with a few starlets, including Thirteen‘s Nikki Reed and Stop Loss costar Abbie Cornish. Although he has jumped back into the dating pool quicker than Witherspoon, he has adamantly denied accusations of infidelity during his marriage.

Earlier this year, Phillippe told Ellen DeGeneres that his wrecked marriage had made for “the most personally devastating time in my life.”

Witherspoon seemed to take the split equally as hard, telling Elle last month that she was literally paralyzed by the pain of the separation, saying she was unable to move from her car after the realization of divorce hit her.

The duo announced their uncoupling in October of last year; the 31-year-old Walk the Line star formally filed for divorce just one week later.

Source: E! News

Comment by hesti ika on Feb. 27, 2009

i was admirer her because she could have her own family and doing her career..and both of it get success..but now..i dont feel it any more…even she is good actrees …

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