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August 6, 2011   •  Posted by Jess   •  Category: "Mud", Role RumorsComments Off on Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon in Talks to Sling ‘Mud’

Matthew McConaughey and Reese Witherspoon are in discussions to star in “Mud,” Everest Entertainment announced Friday.

Everest is financing the movie, which also stars “One Tree Hill” and “The Tree of Life’s” Tye Sheridan.

“Mud” “is the powerful, redemptive tale of a charismatic fugitive named Mud and his unlikely friendship with 14-year-old Ellis. Ellis is determined to help his new friend escape from both the law and some very serious bounty hunters in order to reunite Mud with his soul mate, Juniper.”

McConaughey would play Mud, Sheridan would play Elllis and Witherspoon would play Juniper.

Jeff Nichols (“Take Shelter”) wrote the movie and will direct.

Everest is fully financing. The company’s Lisa Marie Falcone is producing with Sarah Green — who also produced “The Tree of Life.” FilmNation Entertainment’s Aaron Ryder also is producing.

“Jeff Nichols has written a beautiful story with rich characters learning valuable lessons through life-changing circumstances,” Falcone said in a statement.

– Reuters.com

August 6, 2011   •  Posted by Jess   •  Category: Gallery Updates1 Comment

What with our shiny new Legally Blonde layout, I thought I better get adding some stills from the movie … so here you go! I’ve added 45 stills from the movie to our Gallery.

Just a reminder, the movies category is still very empty (as is the appearances category), but I will be getting work done on them asap. There are so many pictures to gather, it will take a while, but will be worth it :)


– Movies > Legally Blonde > Production Stills

August 5, 2011   •  Posted by Jess   •  Category: Gallery UpdatesComments Off on Lots of recent magazine clippings + 1991 Deauville Film Festival photoshoot

I have another batch of scans for you today, some from European magazines, some from US tabloids. Big thanks goes to our friend Ali for all of the People magazine scans, and to Mirik for the rest of them.

I’ve also found and added a really, really old photoshoot taken at the Deauville Film Festival in 1991, where Reese was promoting her first movie, The Man In The Moon – so cute!


– Magazine Scans > Scans from 2011 > People – March 14th 2011
– Magazine Scans > Scans from 2011 > People – February 7th 2011
– Magazine Scans > Scans from 2010 > Clippings from 2010
– Magazine Scans > Scans from 2011 > Clippings from 2011
– Magazine Scans > Scans from 2011 > In Style (Rus) – May 2011
– Magazine Scans > Scans from 2011 > In Style (Rus) – June 2011
– Studio Photoshoots > Photoshoots from 1991 > 1991 – Session #002

August 5, 2011   •  Posted by Jess   •  Category: Site UpdatesComments Off on Glamour Reese Witherspoon needs you (and your fanart)!

As I’ve posted about before, I’m slowly working on updating the site’s content, converting it to a new format and adding new stuff. I’ll soon be onto the Media section, and I really need your help here – the Media section is empty! A few years ago, we had a fantastic FanArchive packed full of your wonderful media creations, but somewhere along the line that all got lost and we are left with nothing. So if any of our lovely visitors have made any kind of Reese fanart, and would like to share it with us and see it displayed here on Glamour Reese, then please get in touch!

You can see the basic types of fanart/media we’re after on our Media section index page – icons, wallpapers, fanart/blends, banners, bookmarks etc. – but if you’ve made something that isn’t listed there then we’d love that too. We’ll be really grateful for all contributions, and you will of course receive credit. No fanart is ‘ugly’ in our eyes (it’s of Reese, how can it be!?) so don’t be shy!

Thanks to those of you that consider helping us out :-)

August 2, 2011   •  Posted by Jess   •  Category: Role RumorsComments Off on Reese Witherspoon Joins Disney’s ‘Wish List’

Reese Witherspoon has attached herself to star in Wish List, a Disney comedy about an overly imaginative little girl who makes ten wishes at a wishing well. They don’t come true because her coin never reached the bottom and eventually she loses her inner child and becomes a full grown and ambitious career woman. Some 25 years later, the coin is dislodged, falls to the bottom and she has to deal with the ramifications of 10 kid wishes coming true all at once. The script’s being written by Randi Mayem Singer. Wish List is being produced by Mark Ciardi and Gordon Gray, who most recently produced Secretariat for the studio. The comedy was initially developed as a vehicle for a male star, but now it’s being retooled for Witherspoon, who was last seen in Water for Elephants. She next stars in the McG-directed This Means War opposite Chris Pine and Tom Hardy for Fox. Witherspoon’s repped by CAA and Management 360, Singer by ICM.

– deadline.com

July 17, 2011   •  Posted by Jess   •  Category: Films & Projects, Site Updates6 Comments

“And last week I saw Cameron Diaz at Fred Segal, and I talked her out of buying this truly heinous angora sweater. Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed.”

Elle Woods is right, there’s no beating pink, and so we are celebrating her with her favourite colour in our new layout here at Glamour Reese Witherspoon! It’s been 10 years (can you believe it!!?) since our favourite blonde lawyer lit up our screens in Legally Blonde, released exactly 10 years ago this past Friday. The character has become somewhat iconic in modern cinema, and the film catapulted Miss Witherspoon right onto Hollywood’s A-List, and she’s been at the top of that list ever since. It also gained her a legion of new fans, including many of you reading this, I expect. It seemed fitting to celebrate the anniversary of the film with a super-fun themed layout here, and I think Mycah did Elle justice. Make sure you scroll down to the bottom of the page for more Elle!

Not only does Legally Blonde celebrate 10 years this year, but so does this very site you are looking at. Yep, Glamour Reese Witherspoon was created by our lovely friend April all the way back in 2001. I think it goes without saying what an incredible job she did building this site up and creating an online haven for Reese fans to enjoy, and I know it inspired me to start my own fansites. GRW has always heightened my love for Reese, so I wanted to mark that, too, with this special layout. But more on the site’s anniversary later in the year (I think it started in November, to be exact).

Enjoy the new layout – comment on it if you wish! – and check back throughout the coming week for as many updates as I can fit in, including content, photos and scans.

Elle: Here it is!
Professor Callahan: It’s pink…
Elle: Oh! And it’s scented! I think it gives it a little something extra, don’t you think? Ok, well, see you next class!

July 17, 2011   •  Posted by Jess   •  Category: Charity, Gallery Updates, Public AppearancesComments Off on Reese meets Prince William & Kate Middleton at US Tusk Trust event

Last Sunday Reese was invited to attend a Reception to mark the launch of the Tusk Trust‘s US Patron’s Circle, in Beverley Hills. As one of the last engagements on their US tour, Prince William and Kate Middleton were also in attendance, as he is a patron of the charity, and Reese was seen chatting to them both … I wonder if they talked about their recent weddings!? It’s wonderful to see Reese with these two, and, knowing her excitement about their wedding, I’m sure she was very pleased and honoured to be able to meet them!

Reese looked radiant in a short orange-red dress, with her blonde hair left naturally down. 17 photos from this reception can now be enjoyed in our Gallery, and even better – they are all in perfect HQ!!


– Public Appearances > Events in 2011 > Reception To Mark The Launch Of Tusk Trust’s US Patrons Circle


July 17, 2011   •  Posted by Jess   •  Category: Avon, Gallery Updates, News & Gossip, Public Appearances, Video UpdatesComments Off on Avon World Tour hits Eastern Europe

More catching up, and last month Reese resumed her Avon duties by accompanying Avon CEO Andrea Jung to Eastern Europe as part of the 16-date Avon Believe World Tour. In Warsaw, Poland, and Moscow, Russia, Reese and Andrea presented two local domestic violence organisations with a $60,000 grant each, and in Moscow Reese also took part in a press conference and posed for photos wearing the Avon Empowerment bracelet. Reese looked gorgeous, it’s great seeing her take part in these events and you can see how much it means to her.

Further down this post is the official press release for these two stops on the tour, giving you more information on the organisations they gave the grant to plus a quote from Reese about it. There’s also an official video from the event, with footage and interviews with Reese.

Photos – including HQ versions you won’t find elsewhere – from the two stops have been added to the Gallery, along with screencaps from the official video!


– Public Appearances > Events in 2011 > Avon Believe World Tour in Warsaw
– Public Appearances > Events in 2011 > Avon Believe World Tour in Moscow
– TV & Interviews > Event/Red Carpet Footage > 2011 – Avon World Tour in Moscow/Warsaw


July 16, 2011   •  Posted by Jess   •  Category: "Water For Elephants", Gallery UpdatesComments Off on Massive “WFE” catch-up update – appearances pt.1

Continuing our massive Water For Elephants promotion catch-up (make sure you don’t miss our first huge update below!), I’ve now started to work on the remaining public appearance photos.

I’ve added another 50+ gorgeous HQs from the Water For Elephants press conference – these are a real treat! Over to Paris, and we have 20+ additional HQs from the premiere held there. From the Spanish events, we have 40-odd more HQs from the Barcelona premiere, plus I’ve finally added photos from the press conference held in that city the day after the premiere. I’ve also added photos from the two events held in Sydney – a fun-looking photocall with Tai the elephant, and a red carpet premiere. Reese looked casually cute at the Sydney photocall, but she really turned on the glitz for the premiere, looking stunning in a little blue dress and gorgeous curly hair – I love this look on her! It’s probably my favourite of the Water For Elephants promotion, alongside the New York premiere.

Speaking of the New York premiere, I’m still sorting through photos from that and the London premiere, as there are more photos from them both than you would believe! I’m hoping to get them added slowly over the next week, so keep an eye on the Gallery for them.

Photos from the most recent events Reese has attended are coming tomorrow/Monday…

– Public Appearances > Events in 2011 > “Water For Elephants” Press Conference
– Public Appearances > Events in 2011 > “Water For Elephants” Paris Premiere
– Public Appearances > Events in 2011 > “Water For Elephants” Barcelona Premiere
– Public Appearances > Events in 2011 > “Water For Elephants” Barcelona Press Conference
– Public Appearances > Events in 2011 > “Water For Elephants” Sydney Photocall
– Public Appearances > Events in 2011 > “Water For Elephants” Sydney Premiere

July 16, 2011   •  Posted by Jess   •  Category: "Water For Elephants", Gallery UpdatesComments Off on Massive “WFE” catch-up update – photoshoots, scans & tv caps

Finally, an update, I hear you say! To try to stop being the world’s worst webmaster, I have some massive updates for you featuring all the remaining photos from the Water For Elephants promotion a couple of months ago.

Part 1 of the massive update is full of photoshoots, magazine scans, and tv appearance screencaptures. First up we have additional photos from the shoot Reese did for the LA Times earlier this year. We have over 100 new magazine scans/clippings for you to browse through, most of which are thanks to Mirik. Big thanks goes to our friend Mia for gorgeous scans from a recent issue of Madame Figaro which featured a new photoshoot image of Miss Reese. I’ve also added images from Reese’s Vogue cover spread.

In the TV Appearances section we now have screencaps from all of Reese’s Water For Elephants tv interviews – the new additions are from Conan, Ellen, Le Grand Journal and The Graham Norton Show. Reese looked so beautiful on each show (particularly Conan, I think!) and was her usual funny and animated self, so there are lots of super-fun expressions in there. I’ve also added HQ stills from the Ellen and Graham Norton appearances.

This makes close to 2,000 new photos, so you have a lot of beautiful Reese to browse!! Catch-up appearance photos are on the way … Oh, and maybe something else a little bit special 😛

– Studio Photoshoots > Photoshoots from 2011 > 2011 – Session #004
– Magazine Scans > Scans from 2011 > Glamour (Fr) – May 2011
– Magazine Scans > Scans from 2011 > Glamour (Rus) – May 2011
– Magazine Scans > Scans from 2011 > Vogue (US) – May 2011
– Magazine Scans > Scans from 2011 > Paris Match (Fr) – May 19th-25th 2011
– Magazine Scans > Scans from 2011 > Glam Magazine – May 2011
– Magazine Scans > Scans from 2011 > Madame Figaro (Fr) – May 7th 2011
– Magazine Scans > Scans from 2011 > New Additions
– TV & Interviews > News Segments > Reports from 2011 > Access Hollywood Live – April 18th 2011
– TV & Interviews > Talk Shows > Talk Shows from 2011 > Conan – April 21st 2011
– TV & Interviews > Talk Shows > Talk Shows from 2011 > The Ellen DeGeneres Show – April 21st 2011 (Screencaptures)
– TV & Interviews > Talk Shows > Talk Shows from 2011 > The Ellen DeGeneres Show – April 21st 2011 (Show Stills)
– TV & Interviews > Talk Shows > Talk Shows from 2011 > Le Grand Journal – April 30th 2011
– TV & Interviews > Talk Shows > Talk Shows from 2011 > The Graham Norton Show – May 6th 2011 (Screencaptures)
– TV & Interviews > Talk Shows > Talk Shows from 2011 > The Graham Norton Show – May 6th 2011 (Show Stills)

June 30, 2011   •  Posted by Jess   •  Category: "Water For Elephants", Career, News & GossipComments Off on Teen Choice Awards nominations

The Teen Choice Award nominations were announced on Wednesday, and unsurprisingly, Water For Elephants received a few nominations.

Choice Movie: Drama
“Black Swan”
“The Roommate”
“Soul Surfer”
“Water for Elephants”

Choice Movie Actor: Drama
Bradley Cooper, “Limitless”
Jesse Eisenberg, “The Social Network”
Cam Gigandet, “The Roommate”
Shia LaBeouf, “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”
Robert Pattinson, “Water for Elephants”

Choice Movie Actress: Drama
Minka Kelly, “The Roommate”
Leighton Meester, “Country Strong”
Natalie Portman, “Black Swan”
AnnaSophia Robb, “Soul Surfer”
Reese Witherspoon, “Water for Elephants”

See the full list of nominees here.

The show will take place on Sunday August 7th, and will air live on the FOX channel in the US. With any luck Miss Witherspoon will be attending, and if she does, we’ll keep you covered on the event :)

June 9, 2011   •  Posted by Jess   •  Category: Role RumorsComments Off on Reese Witherspoon Attached to Star in Wedding-Themed Movie for DreamWorks

The studio has picked up the romantic comedy pitch “Who Invited Her?” about a woman who crashes a bachelor party getaway.

Wedding-themed movies are all the rage in Hollywood — see the success of Bridesmaids and The Hangover Part 2 — and now DreamWorks and Reese Witherspoon are trying a knot.

DreamWorks has picked up Who Invited Her? a romantic comedy pitch from Sascha Rothschild that has Witherspoon attached to star and produce. Gary Foster and Russ Krasnoff will also produce via their Krasnoff Foster Entertainment banner.

The story centers on a woman who crashes a bachelor party getaway.

Rothschild wrote How to Get Divorced by 30, based on her article in LA Weekly. The project is set up Universal.

Witherspoon is a producer on This Means War, in which she also stars. The movie, which also stars Chris Pine and Tom Hardy, will be released in February.

– thehollywoodreporter.com